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2016-05-19 09:23:39
We are proud to present the biggest update in Madfinger history. ladies and gentlemen meet UNKILLED's multiplayer...
2016-05-16 15:22:13
Do you like a multiplayer? We've got something for you!#AcceptTheChallenge #stayUNKILLED
2016-05-12 07:32:47
Entire Madfinger Games office after watching the first Assassin's Creed movie trailer..
2016-05-06 20:15:27
New weapons are coming. That much is known at this point. But how many? Can you guess? The most accurate guess wi...
2016-05-24 23:03:30
Lookt at this video made by @Bnatesgamer. Nice demonstration of the multiplayer in UNKILLED. #stayUNKILLED https...
2016-05-24 11:28:22
@Carlos22panthom We still think that our solution is a little bit better. ;-)
2016-05-24 09:05:41
@Carlos22panthom It's harder to looking around with button.
2016-05-24 08:56:39
@Klaktonon It's not a bug. Simonov didn't have any upgrades available. We added some of them now, so the gun's po...
2016-05-23 21:30:32
Sprint is controlled by virtual thumbstick in UNKILLED. How do you like this new control scheme? #stayUNKILLED https://t...
2016-05-23 17:19:00
Even Madfinger guys play UK now. Look at the battle between high-level characters. #AcceptTheChallenge #stayUNKILLED htt...
2016-05-22 22:05:39
All zombies are killed now! Servers are online again! Sorry for inconvenience! Now, you can #AcceptTheChallenge and #sta...
2016-05-22 13:58:23
Oops, server are down. We're looking for a shotgun to solve the issue. #AcceptTheChallenge #stayUNKILLED
2016-05-20 22:23:36
So, have you already tried UNKILLED multiplayer? What's your first impressions? #AcceptTheChallenge #stayUNKILLED https:...
2016-05-20 17:10:01
@OfficialVPG Equip any weapon with lower power.
2016-05-20 17:08:31
@OfficialVPG Maybe you're overpowered for a lot of players. So, there's no suitable opponent for you.
2016-05-20 17:01:01
@OfficialVPG That's a feature.
2016-05-20 17:00:44
@OfficialVPG Ok, try it now.
2016-05-20 16:48:35
@OfficialVPG Fixed now. Try it again, please. Score will show just after the first match.
2016-05-20 16:44:38
@OfficialVPG Give your nickname.
2016-05-20 16:38:45
@OfficialVPG What kind of issues do you suffer?
2016-05-20 14:48:51
@Westcraft0 Thanks!
2016-05-20 13:44:58
Just finished the biggest update in our history. UNKILLED has got multiplayer now! #madewithunity
2016-05-20 11:15:24
@rewolwer Překopali jsme zbraně kvůli balancingu multiplayeru. Kdybychom to neudělali, tak teď všichni řvo...